Aveiro maintains European project LIFE PAYT and announces that August marks the placement of new containers at Forca Vouga

Source: Terranova Terranova – August 4th, 2020

Aveiro does not give up on the European project LIFE PAYT and announces that August marks the resumption of the pilot experience with the 26 containers with access control (PAYT containers) in the Forca Vouga Urbanization.
The municipality recognizes that the first testing phase, which took place in 2018, identified “mechanical problems” with the type of container installed, which forced the intervention of the service provider to find the best solution.
The second version comes with a more robust cover, with a wider opening and a simple drum with less chance of damage.
“Local authorities are being exposed to innovative methods, technologies and actions, with predictable and natural adaptation problems, with the main objective of reducing waste production, reuse and selective collection, encouraging citizens to adopt new practices”, explains the municipality.
The installation of equipment takes place from 17 to 31 August with the second version of the 26 PAYT containers in the demonstration area of ​​the Forca-Vouga Urbanization.
While this installation is running and the system is operational, normal containers will be kept next to PAYT containers.
From August 31 to September 5 (Monday to Saturday) and September 12 (Saturday) next to the parking lot at Rua Dr. Orlando Oliveira, residents will have at their disposal an eco kiosk that will work on weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm and at Saturdays from 9 am to 12:30 pm.
A way to expedite an eventual replacement of the PAYT access card or access credentials to the LIFE PAYT platform.
It is possible to withdraw the duplicate of the access card as well as to request the credentials again.
Alternatively, from August 31 until September 14, it is possible to request these elements by email to [email protected] or by telephone numbers 234406428 and 234406412.
Note that the duplicate of the card implies the activation of the new card and the deactivation of the old card, which was lost.
Users do not have two active cards to use.
From September 15 to November 16, 2020, in the pilot area of ​Forca-Vouga Urbanization, there will only be PAYT containers accessible with the access card.
The municipality explains that withdrawal or cancellation was never an option.
Despite criticism from the Portuguese Environmental Education Association that advocates more collaborative action with communities and the effective involvement of citizens as a path to success, the municipality defends a new stage in this process.
“This is a pilot project, obviously with an experimental character, and subject to failures, as indeed it has happened in other projects developed by Portuguese Municipalities and other European Countries. There are European challenges in the area of ​​urban waste and bio-waste that we will have to meet in the medium and long term, as a society, and that we will certainly only achieve with a spirit of cooperation and social responsibility, knowing that some of them are part of the change in habits, practices and behaviors of citizens, which require time, determination and more pilot projects, so that the positive evolution that we have achieved in the management of urban waste in the Municipality of Aveiro, continues in the near future ”, justifies the Aveiro Chambe