General adherence to the waste collection project is missing

Source: Diário de Aveiro Diário de Aveiro – Page 03 – 17th September, 2020

General adherence to the waste collection project is missing

The municipality installed in Forca-Vouga Urbanization the second version of the waste containers that open with cardboard, but there are still bags on the floor or on the lid.

The successful application of the European project “LIFEPAYT” in Aveiro – which accounts for the waste deposited by Forca-Vouga residents in electronic containers and aims to promote the separation of plastic, glass, metal and paper – no longer depends on the equipment because, now, the lid is “more robust”, has a “wider” opening and a “simple drum with less chance of damage”, but the general adherence of people to the new system is lacking.

In a first phase of testing in 2018, mechanical problems were identified with the type of container installed, but since last Tuesday that in the neighborhood there are only PAYT containers, in their second version (although others are visible), whose opening it is only possible with a card.

Walking around the neighborhood

The day after the start of the second phase, yesterday, the Diário de Aveiro went through the streets of the neighborhood, noticing several flaws, the most notable being the existence of waste bags outside the containers. Therefore, part of the waste that the residents produce at home does not go to the container, remaining on the lid or on the floor.

Yesterday, some containers did not open the lid and at least one was with the burned card reading area. There are also signs that the lid has been forced open, that is, attempts to open it without using the card. It will also be necessary to avoid, as has been denounced by residents of the area, that residents of other places deposit the waste in the neighborhood where they do not live, outside the containers.

The municipality of Aveiro refers to a pilot project, now in the second phase with 26 containers, “obviously with an experimental nature and subject to failures, as has happened in other projects developed by Portuguese municipalities and other European countries”.

Residents of the neighborhood where this project is being carried out point to the need for a greater effort to convince residents to use the system, according to the rules.

The municipality of Aveiro says that “there are European challenges in the area of ​​urban waste and bio-waste that we will have to meet in the medium and long term, as a society, and that we will certainly only achieve with a critical spirit of cooperation and social responsibility, knowing that some of them are part of the change in habits, practices and behaviors of citizens that require time, determination and pilot projects ”.

The aim is to reduce waste production, reuse and separate collection, encouraging new practices.

“Most residents already have a card”

According to the local authority yesterday transmitted to the Diário de Aveiro, “the majority” of the residents of the neighborhood already have a card, and those who do not have it yet can contact the City Council and articulate the survey with the services.

Between August 31 and September 5, an “ECOQUIOSQUE” was opened to collect a duplicate card for those who had lost or forgotten the password to access the platform and between August 31 and last Monday it was possible to request these elements by “email” or telephone.