Influence of Covid-19’s “State of Emergency” within the implementation of the LIFE PAYT project

In view of the dramatic situation we are experiencing in Portugal and around the world, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the “State of Emergency” declaration, installed in Portugal and other countries (including in the Project partner countries, Greece and Cyprus), it brought severe measures of mandatory isolation and social distance. In this context, most people are working from home (as it currently is the case with the IPC team and some of the Project partners).

At this moment, the difficulties of implementing the LIFE PAYT Project are real, and all the actions that were scheduled, related to direct contact with the population (delivery of containers, training and awareness actions, among others) were naturally postponed to a date yet to be defined, taking into account the evolution of the current conjecture.

The LIFE PAYT Project team takes the opportunity to thank all health professionals that at the moment are working hard for us.

Also, all workers who carry out their tasks in essential areas of society, namely in the area of ​​waste management and who are currently on the “ground”, ensuring the operationalization of systems and the maintenance and cleaning of public spaces, they deserve all our recognition!

Thank you all!

Protect yourself and stay safe at home!

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