LIFE PAYT organizes 1st Workshop on PAYT Technologies

The Workshop “PAYT in Portugal… the next steps!” took place in the auditorium of the Portugal Romano Museum in Sicó (PO.RO.S) in Condeixa-a-Nova, on November 21st. Several national and foreign companies and municipalities, namely from Greece, Spain, France, Italy and Ireland, joined the workshop and exceeded the maximum number of 100 participants. The public was mainly composed by officials and technicians from Municipal Chambers and Companies (61), followed by representatives from technology companies (16), academia (10), hot systems (7) and consulting companies (5). In the public policy sector, the event was attended by representatives of the ERSAR Regulatory Entity and the Central and Local Administration.

The event was organized in partnership with the Municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova and the IPC, and simultaneously held an Equipment Exhibition for PAYT systems. This workshop was an opportunity for national and international speakers to exchange experiences on which model to follow. The Exhibition received four companies with representation in Portugal and two Irish companies that presented and exhibited their products and technological development tools available for PAYT systems.