LIFE PAYT project collaborates with ASPEA study on public policies

The LIFE PAYT project team from the Polytechnic of Coimbra met with the Portuguese Association of Environmental Education (ASPEA) in Aveiro, on January 17th, to provide some clarifications about the project activities and collaborate with the research “Participatory socio-environmental diagnosis of policies waste management in Bairro da Forca, Aveiro”, developed by Ana Cristina Ferreira, PhD student in Geography at the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL). Some communication campaign activities, related to the participatory process, promoted by the LIFE PAYT project in Aveiro were discussed, with emphasis on the Ecoquiosque, installed in the neighborhood of Forca Vouga, where the employees of the Aveiro City Council had the opportunity to directly contact more than 50% of the residents of the neighborhood in order to distribute electronic cards were distributed to open containers and bags for the separation of recyclable materials.

The doubts raised by ASPEA members about the objectives and goals of the LIFE PAYT project were contextualized by the project coordinator, namely the fact that the approval of a new PAYT tariff by the Aveiro City Council is not one of the project’s goals. In Aveiro, the pilot project aims only to present a simulated tariff, based on the uses of the containers, to show residents what they would pay if the PAYT system was in place. With the clarifications, the association’s president, Joaquim Pinto, was positive and acknowledged that in pedagogical terms this is a strategy that makes sense. Composting courses and the distribution of composters among the inhabitants of the houses (with a garden) were also aspects valued by ASPEA as a way to reduce organic waste and promote environmental awareness.

The LIFE PAYT project team also agreed on the need to make available on the Website all the results obtained so far. Finally, the two parties agreed that there is room for collaboration, especially with regard to environmental education.

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