LIFE PAYT Project is a reference in Circular Economy at the IPC2Society conference

To transfer technology and knowledge to society is one of the key roles of a research center, such as the Polytechnical Institute of Coimbra (IPC). The LIFE PAYT project is one of the reference fruits from IPC presented under the theme Circular Economy during the conference IPC2Society in Coimbra, on April 11. The PAYT system is a tool to reduce waste in southern Europe by changing the waste management tariff system, by using differentiated economic strategies to associate producers with their waste responsibly.
The conference, held in partnership with the Institute of Applied Research, presented the LIFE PAYT project as IPC’s partner, which includes two other research centers and five other city councils. Among the role of the IPC, it is to manage technical parts of the project such as consortium, application and financial management.

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