LIFE PAYT searches innovation with new version of the waste container prototype

After the removal of PAYT containers from Bairro da Forca Vouga, in September 2018, due to the problems that were faced during the initial testing phase, these containers were transported to the supplier company’s facilities to be serviced and improved.

Version 2 of the PAYT container will have another type of rotating drum, simpler and less likely to jam. The capacity of this drum (where the waste is deposited) will also be increased, since according to the residents’ feed-back, the 25L of the first version was insufficient. The opening will also be enlarged to facilitate the disposal of waste bags, as suggested by some residents.

Due to traces of cracks in the lid, near the metal supports, that appeared during the test period (May-September 2018), this intervention will be used also to do the structural reinforcement of the lid.

As soon as these improvements are done a second version of the PAYT container (revised and improved) will be installed in the neighborhood to be used by residents and to have its operation tested.

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