Meeting between LIFEPAYT Project Team and ERSAR

A meeting between LIFEPAYT Project team (IPC, Aveiro Municipality, Condeixa-a-Nova Municipality and Lisbon Municipality) and ERSAR (Regulatory Entity of Water and Waste Services) took place on September 30, 2020, by Videoconference.

The main objective of this meeting was to discuss and share information regarding the implementation of PAYT tariffs. During the meeting, the main difficulties in the implementation of PAYT-type systems were mentioned, the consequences of applying these systems, the risks involved and the injustices that are sometimes detected, in an attempt to better understand the way to make PAYT a fairer and more equitable tariff system.

Taking into account what was mentioned by the Regulatory Authority, the objective is that, in the future, the PAYT tariff systems are mandatory to implement. Thus, pilot projects such as LIFEPAYT represent an important contribution, so that obstacles and difficulties that will surely arise when the general implementation of these systems by Portuguese municipalities can be predicted, as well as to anticipate solutions that are more effective and efficient.