Agrarian continues with lectures by videoconference

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Transmission by videoconference was the way found by the Escola Superior Agrária (ESAC) to continue with the lectures usually promoted in the context of its different backgrounds. Since the date on which activities and face-to-face events were suspended, ESAC has already promoted a total of five lectures on a videoconference basis. “Energy Management System in Águas do Centro Litoral”, “Black Soldier Fly – Bioconversion of residues in protein production”, “Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Systems: Opportunities and Challenges”, “The LIFEPAYT Project: A tool for
reducing waste in Southern Europe ”and“ Insects as a source of human and animal food ”were the themes of the lectures. The invited speakers were Sérgio Viseu, Nuno Garrucho Ribeiro, Marcos Tenente, Ana Catarina Sousa and Rui Nunes, respectively. The first four lectures were held within the scope of the Master in Environmental Engineering, while the last was included in the Degree in Agricultural Engineering. The lectures have been transmitted through the Zoom platform, and can be viewed by anyone interested in the topics being approached