Aveiro: adoption of a PAYT tariff (Pas-As-You-Throw)

The European LIFE PAYT project has been promoted by the municipality of Aveiro which is one of the project partners since the end of 2016 together with the cities of Lisbon, Condeixa-a-Nova, Vrilissia (Greece) and Larnaca (Cyprus).

The main objective of the LIFE PAYT project is to support municipalities in the adoption of PAYT tariffs (Pay-As-You-Throw), which will foster the adoption of practices fro waste prevention and separation, encouraging thus separate collection. It is intended that the developed methodologies can then be extended to other municipalities in Southern Europe, contributing to a better management of European resources and to the implementation of national and European environmental strategies.

In Aveiro, the project will be implemented in a pilot area – Forca-Vouga neighbourhood”, where 26 unsorted waste containers will be replaced by new waste containers that will be acceded using a individual card distributed by the Aveiro city council.

On April 17, Citibrain was chosen as the supplier to provide the new high-tech waste containers solution. Citibrain is a specialized consortium of “Aveirenses”, Wavecom, Ubiwhere and Micro IO companies.

Since May, the municipality of Aveiro and the Agrarian School of Coimbra have been preparing the project communication to citizens. This plan includes a public presentation of the project, the development of flyers and outdoors.

Also in May, “EcoGestus” was the company chosen to carry out a waste characterization campaign in “Urbanização da Forca”. This work will take place at the ERSUC facilities, with the cooperation of SUMA (Municipal Services and Environment company), which will make a waste collection circuit dedicated to neighbourhood for four days. At the end of the project, the citizens behavior regarding recyclable waste will be analyzed again. On 8 June, the aforementioned waste characterization took off.

As part of the “Dias do Ambiente 2017” program, a local information session was carried out on the 8th of June, counting with participants from the Aveiro City Council, Polytechnic of Coimbra and University of Aveiro as well as the inhabitants and commerce sector from Forca-Vouga neighbourhood and Citibrain, which presented the pilot version of the waste container. This session took place in the “Antiga  “Capitania do Porto de Aveiro”, with free entrance, where it was explained the objectives of the project, how it will be carried out and where the residents had the opportunity to make part of the new PAYT system.

Municipality of Aveiro