Surveys of residents at the Forca-Vouga about the waste they produce

Forca Vouga photo
Photo by lifepayt

On 20 and 21 April (Friday and Saturday) 2018, under the LIFE PAYT Project, the CMA and the IPC conduct surveys face of opinion, in the urbanization of Forca Vouga in Aveiro.

Directed to residents and local merchants, surveys are intended to collect the perception and behavior of citizens, compared to municipal waste.

You can participate and take the survey online by accessing the link:

The project in Aveiro

LIFE PAYT want the cost of waste treatment to those who use bring banks to IMPROVE the collection service and waste treatment and reduce the rate charged to citizens and businesses.

It is also the intention of this project, ENCOURAGE citizens to have prevention practices and waste reduction, and CONTRIBUTE to Portugal reach the national targets in the environmental field.


Number of the LIFE PAYT in Aveiro

  1. It involves more than 1150 inhabitants and about 120 establishments;
  2. Replaces 26 collective waste container by container with RFID key;
  3. Distribute 100 household composters in the neighborhood of Forca-Vouga;
  4. A family living in the neighborhood will, by year: produce less 253 kg of unsorted waste, emit less 73 kg of greenhouse gas effect and send to recycling more than 170 kg of waste.

For more information, see the press release on the City Council page of Aveiro in  or contact us through our page or the social network Facebook