Condeixa-a-Nova has two new vehicles to measure the volume of waste and promote recycling

The municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova received in November a new car mixed waste collection you want to reply to the implementation of PAYT system (Pay as you throw / pay for what lies outside), expected to come into force in the first quarter of 2020, benefiting more who separates recyclables.

In addition to the collection of mixed waste car, the city also acquired a second car collection of recyclable waste. This vehicle is intended to meet the need to create new collection of recyclable waste circuits, including door-to-door next to commercial establishments and services. This is a key investment for the implementation of PAYT system recommended for non-domestic producers sector (commercial establishments such as shops, bars, restaurants) in Condeixa and you want to encourage the reduction of mixed waste production and increased selective collection.

The two new vehicles will be properly fitted with RFID technology (hardware installation for collection and systematization of information related to producers), so as to allow assessment of the volume of waste at produced by each producer and later to the respective indexation to the same invoice .

“It is a system already experienced in other countries and with results very relevant in terms of the amount of household waste that is sent to landfill, which dropped dramatically after the introduction of the new rules. It is a very important step for the city of Condeixa which contributes to the reduction of our ecological footprint, in support of environmental sustainability. Of course, the success of this new system will strongly depend on the collaboration and commitment of our citizens, “said Nuno Moita da Costa, Mayor of Condeixa-a-Nova.

In this way, you can join a new tariff PAYT, fairer and more equitable, which benefits those less unsorted waste produces. The new rate will no longer be pegged to the consumption of water, as happens now, going to be associated with the volume of mixed waste.

Note that since August 2018 the ERSUC- Waste Solid Center, in collaboration with the municipality of Condeixa, started to make the selective collection multi-material door-to-door from commercial establishments Service (non-domestic sector). When collecting new bags are delivered, in the respective colors of each of the flows (paper / cardboard, glass and packaging), in order to allow the separate packaging waste.

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