Condeixa integrates project to only pay the produced waste

The municipality of Condeixa joined the international project LIFE PAYT, in partnership with other Portuguese municipalities (Aveiro and Lisbon) and southern European, to promote recycling and reduce the production of undifferentiated waste.

In Condeixa this project foresees the realization of a study for the application of a tariff model based on the “Pay-as-You-Throw” principle, that is, “pay only what you throw away”. This tariff will be implemented for producers of non-domestic urban waste, including the commercial sector. For this purpose, bins for exclusive use will be distributed, and identified with a label, through which the volume of undifferentiated waste is calculated. The more separated packages for recycling, lower undifferentiated waste is produced and, consequently, lower waste collection tariff to be paid.

Original news on Boletim Informativo Condeixa