Condeixa: New vehicle will measure garbage and relieve the bill of those who recycle the most


The municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova has just received a new vehicle for the collection of undifferentiated waste that aims to respond to the implementation of the PAYT system, which is expected to come into force in the first quarter of 2020, benefiting those who most separate recyclable waste.

The new vehicle for the collection of undifferentiated urban waste, has a capacity of 15 m3, was acquired under the application designated Con(DEIXA)-à-PORTA, submitted to POSEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources), representing an investment of almost 155 thousand euros, 85% co-financed by the program, the remaining being provided by the municipality.

This new vehicle will now be duly adapted with RFID technology (hardware installation for the collection and systematization of information concerning producers), in order to be able to assess the volume of undifferentiated waste produced by each producer and subsequently indexation the respective invoice.

The introduction of this new system, intended only in a first phase for the non-domestic sector (commercial establishments), is based on the PAYT concept (Pay-as-You-Throw) and aims to encourage the reduction of undifferentiated  waste production and the increased selective collection.

“It is a system already implemented in other countries and with impressive results in terms of the amount of undifferentiated waste that is sent to landfill, which has dropped dramatically after the introduction of the new rules. It is a very important step for the municipality of Condeixa, it contributes to the reduction of our ecological footprint, in favor of environmental sustainability. Evidently, the success of this new system will heavily depend on the collaboration and commitment of our citizens ”, highlights Nuno Moita da Costa, Mayor of Condeixa-a-Nova.

In this way, it will be possible to implement a new PAYT tariff, fair and equitable, which benefits those who produce less undifferentiated waste. The new tariff will no longer be indexed to water consumption, as is currently the case, and will be associated with the volume of undifferentiated waste.

With this innovative system, it will be possible to reward citizens who make selective separation and who are concerned about undifferentiated waste reduction. In addition, the new system is very convenient as it allows the producer to recycle without leaving his commercial establishment.

Thus, by reducing the amount of waste produced and by increasing selective disposal, their good environmental practices are rewarded through a fair tariff.

It should be noted that since August 2018, ERSUC- Solid Waste of the Center, in collaboration with the municipality of Condeixa, started to carry out the multi-material selective collection service door-to-door from commercial establishments (non-domestic sector). Upon collection, new bags are delivered, in respective colors of each of the flows (paper / cardboard, glass and packaging), in order to allow the separate packaging of waste.

Original news in  Notícias de Coimbra.