Guimarães extends PAYT coverage area and boost separate collection

After implementation of the PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw) System in 2016 at the historic center, the municipality of Guimarães extends now the system to a second area to the center city, covering more 810 users from January 2019. This measure is implemented to celebrate the European Week for Waste Prevention.

PAYT boost the separate collection through application of a waste tariff in which there is a direct relationship between the production of unsorted waste and its payment. In other words, the participants of the system pay for the bags they use to put the unsorted waste they produce and benefit from a exemption in the waste tariff that is indexed on the water bill.

This project characterized as “innovative” in the country is promoted by the Guimarães City Council, in partnership with the companies Vitrus and Resinorte. Its main objective is to reduce the unsorted waste generation and substantially increase separate collection.

The municipality of Guimarães already reached very positive results with the implementation of this project that, according to the Mayor of Guimarães, Domingos Bragança, came to “change” the waste collection service. Since it was implemented, Guimarães has reduced the unsorted waste production by 34% and increased the separate collection to 126%.

After the success achieved in the implementation of the PAYT system, the municipality now extends its coverage area to a second area of ​​the city, from Av. Humberto Delgado to Largo do Toural, among many others.

Sofia Ferreira, councillor for the Environment in Guimarães, presented yesterday the extension of the measure, stressing that “there is a strong political desire, assumed by President Domingos Bragança, in the uncompromising defense of sustainability and environmental protection and we will continue to develop this path insisting on awareness strategies”.

Resinorte’s administrator, Gerardo Menezes, underlined that “Guimarães is the municipality that makes the greatest effort in this environmental area”, indicating that “everyone’s efforts” are needed.

The president of the Vitrus’ administration, Sérgio Castro Rocha, considers that “the awareness is not enough” and that is why he highlights the PAYT project in Guimarães. “Guimarães is a distinctive municipality with positive results making that neighboring counties have come here to understand how this system works”, he stressed.

Yesterday, at the presentation of the extension of the PAYT system, which took place in the Municipal Market, those who recycled the most were awarded and recognized, who will have one month of free tariff.

The leader of the PAYT project, Dalila Sepúlveda, said that the new system will be implemented from January, with the company Vitrus taking over the collection of waste and raising awareness. At the beginning of the summer, free bags will be delivered to all users to proceed with the waste separation, free of charge. In September, the Payt tariff associated with the purchase of the bag will begin. In comparison with the current tariff that is indexed on the water bill, around 50% of savings will be reached. 


Photo by simplethrill