Guimarães: Vitrus Ambiente Offers Bags To Encourage Recycling

The company Vitrus Ambiente, responsible for the implementation of the PAYT system in the historic center of Guimarães, started to distribute free recycling bags. The delivery of these bags will be made when delivering the bags for undifferentiated waste. With this initiative, the company intends to encourage recycling behavior in citizens.

The initiative aims to help in the separation of waste and facilitate its collection with bags of different colors for each waste flux. The measure will also allow for noise reduction from the collection of glass, which will no longer be discharged directly into the collection vehicle’s container.

Daniel Pinto, the Executive Director of Vitrus Ambiente said that “this measure also ends up responding to some needs and suggestions pointed out by users. We hope that it will lead to a greater number of people, whether residents or traders in the historic center, to further separate their waste and thus reduce their tariff. ”

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