PAYT survey: Knowledge of the tariff (part 3)

The opinion of future users of the PAYT tariff system (Pay-As-You-Throw), which will be implemented on a pilot scale, was taken into account in a survey with 76 participants from the domestic and commercial sectors in the neighborhood of Forca, in Aveiro. The survey developed by the LIFE PAYT project was divided into three parts: people awareness towards recycling, satisfaction with the waste management service and knowledge about the tariff.

With regard to the tariff, the survey carried out among future users of the PAYT system pointed out the lack of information on the tariff, with 15% of participants unaware of paying a fee for waste management. Only 70% of respondents knew that the tariff is indexed to the amount of water consumed. The survey analysis made clear the strong dissatisfaction (98%) with the current waste tariff indexed to the consumption of water, because who separates the waste feels that its effort is not being valued.

The majority of respondents (88%) considered that PAYT tariffs are a fair solution, because associating the tariff to the waste produced allows rewarding those make the waste separation and also seek to reinforce recycling habits and encourage separate collection.

                                                                       Did you know that the waste tariff is proportional to water consumption?