PAYT survey: satisfaction with the waste management service (part 2)

In order to promote good practices on the wastes separation, the PAYT system (Pay-As-You-Throw) will be soon implemented in the Forca district, in Aveiro, thus representing a more fair tariff for those who separates the waste discarded. Coordinators of the LIFE PAYT project carried out a survey with 76 participants to understand the opinion of the future users of this service in the domestic and commercial sectors. The satisfaction with the waste management service was one of the three topics focused in the survey.

The analysis of the profile of future users of the PAYT system showed that 56% of respondents are satisfied with the municipal waste management. When comparing the sectors, it was found that commerce is more satisfied (69%) with municipal waste management and considers that recycling is of extreme importance. On the other hand, only two respondents among the 23 commerce representatives stated that they strive to separate more than three fluxes of waste.

In general, as there is no specific employee in commerce that is responsible for the wastes separation, a strong attitude from the management would be needed to promote this task. Thus, there was a misalignment between the perception of attitudes and the accurate values, as positive behavior ends up not being put into practice.


                                                                                                  Positive satisfaction in commerce sector.

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