LIFE PAYT presents works at Conference in Greece

In order to promote good practices and efficient and effective technologies in the management of solid waste, the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Management of Solid Waste gathered in Heraklion, Greece, between 26 and 29 June, academics, companies in this sector and other stakeholders in order to strengthen the link between applied research and industry.

Part of the audience during the Conference

Some of the topics covered were: separation at source, mechanical and biological treatment, waste prevention measures, composting, recycling and energy recovery technologies.

Poster on PAYT system technologies

The LIFE PAYT team was present at the event and participated with the presentation of a poster and an oral communication on the Environmental Analysis of PAYT in Aveiro (Optimization of material waste fluxes of a portuguese city from a life-cycle costing perspective).

Presentation on LIFE PAYT in Aveiro