LIFE PAYT at the X Environmental Engineering Seminar (JEAmbi)

More than thinking or talking, the organizing committee of the 10th edition of the Environmental Engineering Seminar (JEAmbi), which took place on the 7th and 8th of March, wanted to act in the protection of the environment. This was the main topic of JEAmbi, as explained by Patrícia Santos, chairman of the commission: “Coffee breaks are essential moments in this type of events and we wanted to ensure that everything is ecological taking into consideration our program”. Biodegradable dishes, compostable cups, edible straws and cloth bags are just some of the possible measures which these students intend to set during these days.

In addition to changing the logo, the organization also opted – and “as a way to attract more participants” – to focus the sessions on current and diverse themes. Thus, the morning of the first day, March 7, was dedicated to the theme of “Waste: Management and Environment”, with two distinct sessions that unveiled strategies and projects around the subject. “Although we were at the beginning of the first day, we already had a lot of people passing by, thanking to the very interesting speakers in several areas”, said Patrícia Santos.

Dr. João Paulo Barraca, from the University of Aveiro, was in the first day of this seminar, presenting the vision of the LIFE PAYT project and the main results obtained so far. Among the questions raised, the issues of excessive production of packaging and how the citizens can understand the need of reducing their waste were addressed.

One of the highlights of this JEAmbi program was the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Engineering course at Técnico University, a milestone that the organization was emphasized through the organization of session including several former students whose remarkable and diverse path helped to inspire the audience. “It was important for us to celebrate the 25th birthday and through this session we wanted to show that attending Environmental Engineering course can originate a career that does not necessarily end up working at a wastewater treatment plant or going to a consultant”, said Patrícia Santos. “When we invited former students, we also wanted to pay tribute to the path they have taken, and in a way it shows them that we are following the path they started”, added the JEAmbi organizing committee chair, who was visibly happy with the result obtained.