Lisbon tests innovative tool for waste reduction

Lisbon will test a PAYT waste tariff model – pay-as-you-throw. The system promotes selective collection and aims to “reduce the municipalities’ costs from waste collection and treatment, contributing to its economic sustainability”.

The launch of the project LIFE PAYT – Tool to reduce waste in South Europe, took place today at the Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho, in Lisbon.

For Victor Vieira, from the urban cleaning services of Lisbon municipality, the Chamber saw in this project “a good window of opportunity”, to which “he expressed interest in joining from the beginning”. Lisbon, he informed, has already approved the Municipal Waste Management Plan, with coincident areas and objectives: technological modernization, the establishment of partnerships with other municipalities, and improved efficiency and environmental sustainability. With “little effort,” he concluded, “everything was in order to join this project”.

In Lisbon, the intervention area will involve approximately 300 producers, corresponding to a waste daily production higher than 1100 L. Each individual container will be identified with an RFID chip, and each user will also be given an identification card to access public containers. The project coordination informs that it will be possible to consult the waste production and data for billing on a web portal.

The consortium is led by the Polytechnic of Coimbra and includes seven more partners: Lisbon City Council, Aveiro City Council, Condeixa-a-Nova City Council, University of Aveiro, Larnaka City Council (Cyprus), Vrilissia City Council ( Greece) and National Technical University of Athens (Greece).

Over the next three years, the project – co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE program with a budget of 2,517,571 €- aims to “develop methodologies that can then be transferred to similar regions in Europe”.

Original news published by the Lisbon City Council.