New competition rules for the packaging waste sector will raise questions

The rules introduced at the end of 2016 via Diário da República may have an impact on packaging waste management costs, which will be reflected in the consumer according to Sociedade Ponto Verde. Novo Verde (SPV) indicates that its main concern is the allocation of quantities between the two competitors.

Luís Veiga Martins the general director of SPV, in an interview with Lusa agency, said that “the trend that has been happening since the beginning of the SIGRE (Integrated Packaging Waste System), which is an increase in unit costs of selective collection and sorting. At this point, costs should be falling and rising only by the quantity effect and not by the value effect “.

For Ricardo Neto, from Novo Verde “full competition can only be achieved if certain rules are guaranteed” and stresses that “packaging waste management engines are not yet known” in terms of allocation model, ie distribution of quantities ´by operator and corresponding financial compensation mechanisms, as well as the technical specifications of packaging waste obtained from undifferentiated garbage from Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT).

For 20 years SPV was the only management entity for packaging waste in Portugal and has been waiting for the renewal of its license for 5 years. Now there is competition from Novo Verde, and it is necessary to establish how the system will be managed by the two entities. For both companies what remains to be defined in this new legislative framework is the role of the Waste Management Monitoring Commission (CAGER), the allocation and compensation mechanism that is already being studied by a working group and the technical specifications for the materials from MBT units.

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