LIFE PAYT Project at the II Technical Seminar on Ecodesign in Coimbra

The municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova is a reference for good practices in the waste management, seeking to contribute to the Circular Economy. In the presentation entitled “Condeixa towards circularity: the municipal model of waste management”, was approached the work that has been developed by the municipality to end up with the system inefficiencies, through a more efficient management that avoids wasting of natural resources, minimizing or erradicating the waste generation and prolonging, to the maximum, the product’s useful life and value. Given that cities are major consumers of natural resources as well as sources of polluting emissions and waste producers, the transition to a circular model cannot be made without structural changes in the municipal management model. In this respect, the LIFE PAYT project, emerges as an example of a tool that promotes sustainability, and was presented by Dr. Helena Bigares, head of the Division of Environment and Urban Cleaning Services of the Municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova, during the “II Technical Seminar on Ecodesign”, within the scope of a workshop entitled “Circular Cities”. The event was organized by the cooperation program “DEGREN – DEsign & GReen ENgineering” and took place at the Pedro Nunes Institute (Coimbra), on April 10, 2019.