Reserve your place in the workshop on technological challenges for PAYT in Portugal

The auditorium of the Museum Portugal Romano in Sicó (PO.RO.S) in Condeixa-a-Nova receives, on 21 November (5th Monday – // 9h00-13h00 14h30-17h00), the Workshop ” PAYT in Portugal … the next steps! “With the aim of promoting innovation in the waste sector . Make your registration here  and give in to the event program , organized by the project team and LIFE PAYT by the city of Condeixa-a-Nova.


In Portugal, there are several systems PAYT pilot projects that are being implemented in several municipalities, and the exchange of information and experience among these case studies is essential to predict effects and identify solutions. The program includes a session panel on the future of PAYT systems and a round table which discussed the main constraints and potential system improvements. They will also be discussed several examples of implementation of PAYT. This Workshop will take place simultaneously with an equipment exhibition where several technology companies have the opportunity to exhibit products and tools developed for the PAYT system available in the domestic market. The invitation is directed to all the officials and technicians of waste management systems, businesses and elected municipalities, consulting firms and academia interested in sharing and discussing the implementation of PAYT systems in Portugal. Registration is free andParticipation in the workshop is subject to availability of seats.