Waste generates 5.4 billion euros and employs 64 thousand people in Portugal

Data from the study presented on February 21st  at the Portugal Upcycling conference show that the waste sector contributes per year directly, indirectly or induced with a total production value of 5.4 billion euros. Another data presented in this report, entitled “Study on the Relevance and Impact of the Waste Sector in Portugal from the Perspective of Circular Economy”, carried out by Augusto Mateus & Associados, states that the sector employs 64 thousand people.

According to the President of Smart Waste Portugal, Aires Pereira “This study aims to contribute to an in-depth and updated knowledge of the waste sector in our country, its relevance in the context of the national economy and its competitive and environmental-friendly challenges medium- and long-term. It was commissioned by the Smart Waste Portugal Association in order to serve as a tool for strategic consultation between the relevant actors associated with it and for the design of public policies more adjusted to the future. ”

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