Selective waste collection system now has a technological vehicle

Condeixa municipality took another step in the implementation of a complete waste separation and recycling system. It is the acquisition of a new vehicle with specifications for the selective collection of municipal waste. The vehicle arrived this week, at the initiative of the Municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova and will be used in circuits for the collection of recyclable waste, namely door-to-door close to shops and services.

With a cargo transport capacity of 11 m3, the vehicle represented an investment of around 146 thousand euros, 85% reimbursed by POSEUR (Operational Program Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources), within the scope of the application designated as (DEIXA) – at door. For the respective municipal services, “it is a fundamental investment for the implementation of the PAYT system”, which will be implemented in the 1st quarter of next year. This system is being installed with non-domestic waste producers (stores, bars, restaurants), to encourage the reduction of undifferentiated waste and increase selective collection. In this context, the PAYT tariff was established, “more fair and equitable, which benefits those who produce less undifferentiated waste”, adds the municipal information.

The new tariff will no longer be indexed to water consumption, as is currently the case, and will be associated with the volume of undifferentiated waste, accounted for at the time of collection.

Computer monitoring The urban waste collection vehicle will receive RFID technology (hardware installation to collect and systematize information about producers) to monitor the volume of waste produced by each producer. It is recalled that, about a month ago, the Municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova already received another vehicle of collection of undifferentiated urban waste, with a capacity of 15 m3, acquired under the same application to POSEUR, representing an investment of almost 155 thousand euros, 85% co-financed by that program, the rest being provided by the municipality.