Smart containers return to Forca-Vouga, in Aveiro

Source: Diário de Aveiro Diário de Aveiro – Page 03 – August 5, 2020

The experimental “PAYT” container is due to return soon. The municipality guarantees that giving up was never an option.

As part of the European project “Life Payt”, the  municipality of Aveiro has just announced that it will resume, during this month, the pilot experience with the 26 “Payt” containers with access control, in the Urbanização da Forca-Vouga.

The municipality acknowledges, in a statement, that in the first testing phase, which took place in 2018, “mechanical problems were identified with the type of container installed, which led to a major work process with the service provider to find the best solution. In this sense, this second version has a more robust lid, with a wider opening and a simple drum with less chance of damage ”. In a statement, he said that several actions are planned within the scope of this operation, with the first taking place from the 17th to the 31st of this month, with the installation of the second version of the 26 “Payt” containers, in the demonstration area of ​​the Urbanização da Forca-Vouga. While this installation is in progress and the system is operational, the normal containers will be kept next to the “Payt”.

From the 31st of this month until the 5th of September and on the 12th (Saturday), next to the parking lot at Rua Dr. Orlando Oliveira, the citizens of the pilot area will have at their disposal an Eco Kiosk, which will work on working days, from 3 pm to 7 pm, and on Saturdays, from 9 am to 12.30 pm. “If you have lost your‘ PAYT ’access card or access credentials to the‘ Life Payt ’platform, in this Eco Kiosk you can pick up a 2nd copy of your access card, as well as request credentials again. Alternatively, from the 31st of this month until the 14th of September, you can request these elements by e-mail [email protected], or by phone: 234406428 and 234406412 ”, remembering that the 2nd copy implies the activation of the new card and desactivation of the old,  or lost card. Also at Eco Kiosk you can clarify doubts about the implementation of the “Life Payt” project in the pilot area of ​​Forca-Vouga. In this area, the statement informs, between 15 September and 16 November there will only be “Payt” containers, accessible with the access card.

The autarchy also clarifies that “it was never declared by the mayor Ribau Esteves, mentioned, or even commented, that the ‘Life Payt’ Project, in Aveiro, would be to cancel or give up. In fact, even against all known adversities of the project, even if they are alien to the Chamber, we will proceed with the start of the relocation of the deposition equipment (‘Payt’ containers) this month, in order to achieve the desired measurements of the waste deposited during the months from September to November, period in which the 2nd phase of the implementation of domestic composting will also be concluded ”. It also considers that this is a pilot project, “obviously of an experimental nature, and subject to failures, as has happened in other Portuguese municipalities and European countries”, and that there are European challenges in the area of ​​urban waste and bio-waste that “we will having to comply in the medium and long term, as a society, and that we will certainly achieve only with a spirit of cooperation and social responsibility, knowing that some of them integrate the change in habits, practices and behaviors of citizens, which require time, determination and more pilot projects, so that the positive evolution that we have achieved in the management of urban waste in the municipality continues in the near future ”, says the mayor.