State of play on the testing phase of the PAYT container installed in the Forca Vouga zone in Aveiro

In the first testing phase of  the PAYT container for undifferentiated urban waste carried out in Aveiro in 2018, mechanical problems were identified with the type of container installed, another limitation was the too small (25 liters) capacity of the tank for waste deposition, which led to a long process of collaboration with the service provider to find a better solution.

In this sense, a second version of PAYT container with a more robust lid, with a larger capacity drum (40 liters) for the waste deposition was installed at Rua de Moçambique (Forca Vouga), with a less complex drum with less chance of malfunction. 

It is a prototype developed with the service provider for this LIFE PAYT Project in Aveiro. However, due to the experience on the ground with this second version, minor problems were still identified with this prototype container which will have to be corrected.

One of these problems is that the opening of the container lid can be forced, keeping the container open until the next daily collection occurs, distorting the identification principle of the container users, inherent to the PAYT system.

Thus, new efforts were made with the service provider to find a solution to solve the reported problem, which may involve applying an extra lock.