Condeixa-a-Nova (Condeixa) is a small rural/urban municipality in the center of Portugal (140 km2; pop. 17 000). Condeixa is an example of a municipality that has own resources for waste collection, but only for the residual fraction, while outsourcing the separate collection to the large multimunicipal company, ERSUC S.A.

At Condeixa the project will implement a PAYT tariff targeting all commercial (non-domestic) municipal waste producers, including those generating less than 1100 L of waste per day. This includes supermarkets and small shops, restaurants, senior residences, kinder gardens and some industry, in a total of 440 producers.

The project will change the current waste collection system. Currently both domestic and non-domestic sctor share the same kerbside collective containers.

Area de intervenção de Condeixa
Area de intervenção de Condeixa

During the project, containers will be distributed and assigned to each commercial waste producers. These containers are identified with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. Each chip will have information about the owner and volume. Each time the bin is dumped into the truck, the data will be read by an optical sensor in the collection vehicle, and the data is sent via GPRS to a central platform, for processing. The volume of waste forwarded by each producer to the collection system will be included in the bill sent every month to the owner of the container.

The bins’ identification and traceability through RFID systems and tags are essential to control waste generation and optimize collection.

In addition to container identification, retrofitting waste collection vehicles and redesigning collection routes are some of the activities which will be carried out. Damaged and  very old bins (>20 years) will also be replaced by new bins and the number of containers for separate collection will be increased.

In Condeixa, the total amount of recyclables arising from the project actions is estimated at 1082 tonnes a year, with a market value of 138 547 € (SPV).

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