International Workshop on PAYT was a success

The International Workshop on PAYT took place on the 9th of december, 2021. This event showed the implementation of project LIFEPAYT in different municipalities and project beneficiaries shared the knowledge collected over the 5-year project implementation.

Virtual Guided tours of the municipalities involved in the project took place during this event, which mirror and reproduce the implementation of the project at the demonstration sites.

There were 118 participants, distributed but the academia (35%), municipalities (31%), Regional Waste MAnagement companies (18%), consulting companies (6%), Government (6%), NGOs (3%) among others.

The participants where from mostly Portugal and Greece, highlighting the relevance of PAYT tariffs in the international framework

The program included an initial Panel dedicated to the Circular Economy and Waste in the EU, with the presence of CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, the participation of the Honorary Director of the European Commission and a contribute of the National Technical University of Athens.

A final panel discussed the main impacts and results of the LIFEPAYT Project.

The presentations/proceedings can be seen here.