The LIFE PAYT project has four clear objectives:

Save waste treatment costs for those who separate with the bring bank.

Improve the waste collection & treatment and reduce the tariffs charged to citizens & businesses.

Encourage waste prevention and reduction practices.

Support Portugal in achieving the national environmental targets.

The project has well established objectives which will have the following expected results:

  • PAYT waste tariffs established at the demonstration sites and fostering the environmental and economic sistainability of municipalities in Portugal, Greece na Cyprus.
  • A framework of guidelines and specifications and  plataforms for implementation PAYT targeting local authorities are available for use by the local authorities and interested network partners.
  • Participating municipalities are ready to fully apply PAYT in their territory.
  • The project results are transferred to similar municipalities, to foster replication and the transition to PAYT in the South of Europe.
  • Residual waste from the demonstration site decreases: minus 20% to 40% for households and minus 40 to 60% for commerce and services.
  • Separate collection of packaging waste (glass, paper, plastic and metal) increases at the demonstration sites.
  • Waste collection is modernised and optimised at the demonstration sites
  • The environmental, social and economic impacts of the transtion to PAYT is known at participating municipalities
  • Landfilled organic waste decreases.
  • Awareness of decision makers and the public on waste topics increases.