WORKSHOP on “Biowaste Diversion”

Date: November 18, 2021

Location: online event

Organization: National Technical University of Athens


Program (here)


10:15 | The problem of bio-waste management in Cyprus (Maria Loizidou) – here

10:30 | Waste management in the context of LIFE IP CY (Eleni Stylianopoulou) – here

10:45 | Integrated management of bio-waste and LIFE IP CY (Dimitris Malamis) – here

11:00 | The contribution of the LIFE PAYT project to the management of bio-waste (Maria Kasidoni) – here

11:15 | Results of the implementation of the LIFE PAYT project in the context of biowaste management in the Municipality of Larnaca (Dimitris Georgiou) – here

11:30 | Municipality of Aglantzia Holistic Waste Management Program (Assumptions – Implementation – Courses – Results) (Haris Tsagaridis) – here