LIFE PAYT project, in Aveiro, moves forward with the reinstallation of containers in the Urbanization of Forca-Vouga

During the month of August, the Municipality of Aveiro resumed the pilot experience with the 26 containers with access control in the Urbanization of Forca Vouga, within the scope of the LIFE PAYT project – see full story here.

In the first phase of testing, mechanical problems delayed PAYT implementation but have been solved by now with a more robust and easy to use set of containers. This innovative method will lead citizens to reduce waste production, encouraging them to separate and recycle more.

In this context the following actions promoted by the Aveiro City Council, stand out:

  • 17 to 31 August 2020 – installation of the second version of the 26 PAYT containers in the demonstration area of the Urbanização da Forca-Vouga.
  • August 31st to September 5th (Monday to Saturday) and September 12th (Saturday) – next to the parking lot on Rua Dr. Orlando Oliveira there will be an ECO KIOSK, which will work on weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am at 12:30. Aveiro Municipality informs that here you can have a duplicate of the access card or request credentials again.
  • Alternative: August 31st to September 14th, you can request these elements by email to [email protected] or by telephone numbers 234406428 and 234406412.
  • September 15 to November 16th, 2020 – In the pilot area of Urbanization of Forca-Vouga there will be only PAYT containers accessible with the access card.

The Aveiro City Council also reinforces the message: PAYT project must advance, enhancing citizens’ participation in controlled waste disposal along with domestic composting. This demonstrates Aveiro Council willingness to implement PAYT – a fairer tariff system able to raise levels of waste separation and contributing to the circular economy.