LIFEPAYT project in AVEIRO achieves a significant increase in the separation of recyclable waste

The 2nd Waste Characterization Campaign was carried out in the 26 conditioned access containers, installed in Aveiro, between 11 and 14 November 2020. This campaign, together with the one carried out in 2017, allowed to evaluate the impact of the actions of the LIFEPAYT project on the production of waste in the Bairro da Forca-Vouga. In general, the results showed a significant reduction in recyclables in PAYT containers: 50% less paper / cardboard, 40% less glass and 30% less plastics, compared to 2017. This reduction in recyclables allowed us to see a change in behaviors in the target population with an increased separation of waste to be placed in the recycling bins. To see the full report, access the project’s website under Outros Resultados | LIFE PAYT (