Interest in composting: 37% of respondents were interested

To understand what the thinking citizens about composting, the project LIFE PAYT conducted a survey in the area of ​​intervention of the PAYT system (pay-only-what-lies-off), which is being implemented in the district of Forca in Aveiro.
Only two of the 76 respondents use organic waste to make compost. One is Rui Jorge Sousa, who seven years ago is composting in the backyard of his home. He reports that the cultivation of fruits and vegetables has become a habit, and does not consider an effort to make compost then see the good results in the strawberry and lettuce. “Just deposit organic waste in the composter, from time to time to give a fresh and active after degraded enter the compound in the garden,” said Rui.
The coordinators of the project LIFE PAYT believe that the number of residents who do composting in the neighborhood could increase with awareness campaigns. In one of the survey questions created is a hypothetical scenario in which the composters were distributed free. In this case, 37% of respondents were interested in making compost if they were composters data, thus enhancing organic waste.

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