Residents from Forca-Vouga neighborhood, in Aveiro, join LIFEPAYT Project

On October 15th and 19th, approximately a month after the installation of the new PAYT waste containers in the Forca-Vouga neighborhood in Aveiro, the LIFEPAYT project team made a photographic survey of the situation (see situation of 25 containers on the day 15 and day 19  of October).

With 97.5% of the residents of this neighborhood already in possession of the individual card that gives access to the new PAYT containers, most citizens have joined the project, now placing their trash bags inside the new containers. The current situation represents a significant improvement compared to the first days of the experience. With the widespread distribution of cards reaching practically all residents and the reinforcement of collection on Monday (there is no collection of waste on Sunday), the images of trash bags abandoned on the floor next to the containers that were seen in the first days of the experience are rapidly disappearing and the situation is returning to normal. Even so, there are still occasional situations of abandoned bags next to the containers, which should not happen. Thus, all residents are appealed to use the containers to deposit their waste, keeping the Forca-Vouga neighborhood clean and contributing to a better environment.

The installed equipment is monitored daily in order to quickly identify and correct any problem that arises, but in case of doubt or to report any situation that may occur, phones 234 406 428 or 234 406 412 can be used or email [email protected] can also be used.