Awareness campaign in the neighborhood of Forca-Vouga mobilizes residents and warns of the impact of waste on the environment

For three days (8th, 9th and 10th October) the LIFEPAYT Project team was present in the Bairro da Forca-Vouga in Aveiro for an awareness campaign for residents, in order to explain the operation of PAYT containers, collect suggestions for improvement and raise awareness of the impacts of waste on the environment.

Most of the people contacted showed a great interest in the LIFEPAYT project and are using the containers correctly, without any problem.

Still, here are some tips for using the containers:

  • to open the cover, swipe the card right after pressing the button

  • close the lid tightly, ensuring that it is not just touching

  • do not leave trash bags on the floor. Abandoned bags make the neighborhood less beautiful and less clean

This action also allowed to clarify some common doubts of residents:

  • LIFE PAYT is a research project: that is why residents will not pay for access to containers.

  • there is no limit to the number of openings or the number of bags that are placed in the container. It is only important that each citizen be aware of the amount of waste that they produce, and the cost of its colection, transport and treatment, thus encouraging recycling.

More communication campaigns are planned in the coming weeks, to continue to raise awareness among residents of the importance of reducing waste and recycling.