The LIFE PAYT project adopts Green Public Procurement Criteria!

The LIFE PAYT project, which will take place in three Portuguese municipalities and two other souther European municipalities, one in Cyprus and the other in Greece, has an active policy of green procurement, reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint.

During the initial phase of the project  will be purchased hundreds of bins for the collection of undifferentiated waste. The environmental impact arising from this purchase will have to be considered given the need to acquire durable equipment. It is intended to adopt a green procurement strategy, as well as the promotion of efficient resource management. The main objective is to choose products that, in their manufacture, in their useful life, and in their disposal (recycling), use durable materials which are easier to recycle, thus being “environmentally friendly”.

The green public procurement criteria will be extended to all the purchases made throughout the entire LIFE PAYT project, until the end of 2019.

The follow-up and monitoring of the green public procurement criteria to be used will be a competence from the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra. Each purchase of equipment made is accompanied by the completion of a form.

At the end of the project, will be published a final report showing that the adopted green procurement strategy has resulted in saving resources and reducing emissions, in addition to the benefits arising from its implementation.